If you haven’t heard yet, one of the oldest game systems in the world, Atari is making a come back. Yes, that’s right, the Atari system is coming to a store shelf near you. This is what it will look like according to the latest pictures released by Atari. It will contain both USB and SD card slots. As far as a CD drive, it doesn’t look like it has one. One reason why this is the case may reside in the fact that this isn’t a true full system. It’s more like the Nintendo classic system re-release. I guess they saw the success of the Nintendo nation and want in on some of that money. For those of us that are still playing games that remember these consoles, you might be in the 40 -50+year age mark. This might make the buying line a little short as they are even older than the Nintendo generations players. What I can’t understand for the life of me is why someone would want to play anything back then. The games are going to be absolutely horrible to look and will burn your eyes out trying to focus on that level of graphics again. Now, if for some stupid reason this console is meant to be a reboot to enter the world of the current systems, I will have a big problem with this. The gaming market isn’t in need of yet another system. In fact, I will guarantee absolute failure to any company that tries to enter into this congested market of consoles. For one, the developers of games already hate the consoles division the way it is now.  This is why the developers aren’t lining up for the Nintendo switch.  Its far too much money involved in making a game for different formats with just Microsoft and Sony. They aren’t interested in yet another company entering in asking for yet more resources and time trying to make their game compatible with another console. They already complained about the different power levels of the Xbox one X and the Ps4 Pro.  I guarantee, if this system comes out it will not be accepted by developers. It will be another Nintendo Switch, which will have to depend on the first party games as their only source of income. But unlike Nintendo, they don’t have Mario and therefore will not have the exclusives to help the system survive, if this is a truly new system entering the market to compete with the current systems. Personally, I think someone should have been smart enough to tell Atari to leave what’s dead, dead. The market isn’t ready for yet another system. They already don’t have room for the Switch, which is why games like Destiny and Call of Duty will never be on that system. Stick to games Atari, the time has passed guys.