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Every now and again there comes a movie that really hits home to you and yours. Sleight was one of those movies for me and my family. I remember when I first saw the trailer and how it moved me. I could tell that it wasn’t really a big time budget movie but it had so much potential I couldn’t turn away from the trailer as they played on the tv. I promised myself that I would go see this movie at the theaters. It was one of the few movies I actually would have jumped out to go see on first day. The day it came out, life happened, and I was not able to go see it.

Everything from business trips to family demands came up and I was forced to watch it go by. After seeing that I missed my opportunity to see the movie I promised I wasn’t going to miss buying it and watching it at home once it became available on Digital downloads. Today was that day! I got my family together because for some reason I really felt that it was going to be one of those movies that taught a life lesson, not just some action superhero movie. Boy, was I surprised by the overwhelming perfect mix of drama and the urban struggles of a young black (Tony Stark type)in the hood.  The main Character, Bo, was a like a child genius that was dealt an almost impossible hand of circumstances that he had to find a way of overcoming. The movie’s ironic nature link to magic really showed a vision not often seen in directors. The symmetry was so fitting and deep that you would need to see this movie again to really get everything that was going on truly, how the handle dealt in life VS what he had to deal to maintain his. It had my wife and me at the edge of our seats waiting on each and every scene.  Even my ADHD son sat still and watched the whole movie and had tons of questions but really liked the movie. Honestly, I can’t wait to watch it again tomorrow. It’s some things that I know I still missed that were so deep. It was truly one of those Unbreakable types of iconic movies that will sit with you for a while. Personally, I hope it does well in the DVD and digital download area because I don’t think that the movie made a lot of money in the theaters and it deserves a part 2. It’s a drama, it has action, it has heart warming moments and good lessons to learn about being caught up in things that are well over your head. Best of all, it shows you anything is possible. Digitalcracks score on this is a 4 out of 5star. The only reason I can’t give a perfect score is because you can tell they didn’t have the budget that most movies from Universal had and I can tell it could have been a little better if they had more money. But this is easily one of my favorite movies already.