The magic of the media and slick marketing tactics and words set the Microsoft camp yet again. So let’s look at the title and wording of the titles going up on the subject. “Killing Floor 2 only running 1080p on Xbox one X”. Right away the reason of the article is insight anger or hatred against the Xbox one X yet again. It’s click bait at its finest. Most will not even bother reading the article and just go reposting things like Microsoft system isn’t as powerful as they claim. What they miss is the fat of the article and that fat reveals a lot about the developers. Let just start with the very obvious statement the developers gave about this game’s time and effort they put into making this game for the Xbox one X, shall we…

“Xbox One X was a very smooth and easy platform to develop for. It took very little engineering effort to get our base Xbox One game running on the Xbox One X. It took maybe 4 hours of programming effort total.”

“4 hours” of programming effort TOTAL”. Do you really get this statement people? This company only put in 4 hours of time in programming on this game (TOTAL) for the Xbox one X.  4 hours and you wonder why they can’t do more than 1080p(if this was true) This is a joke! What do you expect to do in 4 hours of TOTAL programming effort? What true game do you know only places 4 hours of Total game programming that really care about their efforts and actually hitting great results? I’m sorry but being that this game is only going to be a $40 game screams to me a low budget and this normally makes weak developer teams in my opinion. Unless things just work by themselves they normally don’t put in the right amount of R/D to make the game all that it can be.

The second piece of information(which shoes 1080p isn’t the resolution) that most won’t bother to read is this….


The Xbox one X will still be the most powerful version of all the versions out there with only a mere 4 hours placed into its programming. It will contain Ultra textures and higher frame rates along with native 1800p while the PS4 pro only hit checkerboarding 1800p( which nobody brought up against the ps4 pro). And, even though every single game that is being produced for the Xbox one x is hitting at the very least 4k checkerboarding and or 1400p resolution, this game rings bells on the effort and knowledge base of the developers, not the console, as they are the very first with the lowest resolutions results for the Xbox one x reported to date. There are plenty of games with higher complex graphics and bigger world and levels that reach will past 1080p coming out on the Xbox one x. So, to me, the story here and title should represent and focus on the ONLY developer to date that didn’t bother figuring out how to program correctly on the Xbox one x. But being that the rumors are false as long as you keep searching the net for the true info, it looks like those who believe it will only be 1080p will be shown to be misinformed.