The great thing about coming next is that someone has gone first and you can always understand what you need to do better. Microsoft has done just that with the launch plans for the Xbox One X system. They aren’t going to make the same mistake about the launch of their console like a Ps4 pro did. They know that they don’t have exclusives but what they don’t have in exclusives they are making up with the third party games that are better on their system vs any other. This is a smart move and a move that I felt was needed for them to make an impact. With not just adding simple resolution up-converts, Microsoft has a number of games that will include 4k textures added into the game as well has up-converting. This makes a difference and makes their version shine through especially with the new DirectX 12 attached to the very motherboard and new color codex’s added to take advantage of better graphics. Games like NBA 2k18, Madden 18, Fifa 18, and many more now will have an undisputed version champ this year, the Xbox One X. This, more than anything, affects people perspectives about the power of the console if all the third party games look better on one system vs another. In a strange way, the third party games become their exclusives. But if exclusives are your go to thing for new consoles, don’t worry, Microsoft promises, even more, annoucements throughout the rest of the year and certainly next year. The launch looks to be a dream launch for the fans, so you better find a way to pre-order especially if they are coming out at the end of the year.