4k      As the months draw closer, everyone’s attempts to try and minimize the Xbox one X grows. It’s really really sad to see how ignorant people are when they try their best to blame hardware for developers that don’t either have time to make games for the system or just flat out don’t have to skills to do so. It always goes back to the same fact in life. I call it the Superman Theory. You can either fly or you can’t. You can’t have it both ways. There is plenty of games that are being developed for all sorts of genres that are reaching 4k. If the system can’t do it then you wouldn’t have even 1 game make it. I can see if the only games that were doing this were Indy games that don’t demand many resources but you are talking about the most advanced and highest rated AAA Driving game Forza, AAA Sports games, AAA First person shooters like Halo, and even one of the best games of all time Witcher 3. So don’t give me the excuses that it’s the console. We all know that game developers are responsible for the resource usage and the game’s final resolution and frames per second, so let’s stop pretending that this is not the fact that governs this. Just use common sense people. If the Ps4 Pro can “almost” reach these levels at 4gb of ram (instead of 8gb) used for the game resources and only 4.2 teraflops of power( instead of 6 teraflops), along with its absence of the water cooling system, which allows more push and demand on the system itself, you can’t tell me that games don’t have the power needed. And what’s really funny is that above this all, after all the smoke clears the only real fact that still stands out that you can’t defeat is that whatever the games end up looking like, the Xbox one x version will still look better and run better than any console version of that game, period! Think about, hate it, love it, and cry about it.