This image of the two best consoles in the world will be seen in gamers mind for a while. While Xb1x is the very best offering of a console ever, Sony hopes to defend it’s position with its Pro and it’s games in 2018. The Xb1x will, without a doubt have the best graphics overall. It will be a powerhouse compared to all other consoles. We have already seen the developers excitement over its power and all signs point to it truly being a game changer and push 4k console gaming needs. But of all the things the Xb1x is going to bring to the table, the one thing it may not have counted on was bringing attention to the Ps4 Pro.  
Ever since the release of the ps4 Pro, most people said it wasn’t worth the upgrade. Most people stayed with their original ps4. This is mostly due to the 4k Tv sales. There were way more PlayStations played on 1080p TVs. Yes, Sony has sold incredibly for its consoles but that fast pace selling, while consistent, has started to evened out. It’s only so many people that are Sony fans and want to play games. And as they sell, they subtract from that pool bit by bit. This in turn slows sale spikes. 

Now fast forward to the Xb1X hype and talk. Now, we have hype for 4k graphics even greater than before. Now, we have technical stats and proof that it’s obtainable; something PlayStation didn’t do a good job of really explaining and showing. Most importantly we have Tvs going out the door in great numbers for 4k. With those sells comes the interest in seeing what these TVs can do with videogames. Now, all of sudden that Ps4 Pro starts to look different. As a sony player with a new 4k Tv and the hype talked with the Xb1x, you really have only two choices that most fanboy will make. They either pick up their ball and play for the other team or start to look at the Ps4 Pro more carefully. Right now, it has the very best graphics you can get on consoles, if you have the right Tv. At 1800p resolutions – sometimes 4k, it’s ideal to use and take advantage of that new Tv if you play PlayStation games, just about. I say “just about” because they still don’t have a 4k player. Which I believe really hurt their sales even more. So, in a strange way the Xb1x hype could end up helping Sony sell more ps4 Pro. In fact, in stores, that is what I see. More people go straight for the Pro now and very little stock is even put out to sell the regular PlayStations lately. They see where things are going now and don’t won’t to be left out. 

For the Xbox nation, things are looking great. For the first time in a while the best place to play all games well be the Xb1x. Problem is, unlike Sony fanboys, xbox fanboys have already had upscaling 4k and a 4k player in the very impressive Xbox S. So the wow factor might be a little less on them. But this something Microsoft has already prepared for. They know they have a battle internally against the mind share that exist just from its own system. How to convince xbox one S owners to buy yet another 4k console? How to make sure they know upscaled 4k on the Xbox S is not the same on the Xb1x. But the biggest thing will be to make sure they convince the world that the ps4 Pro Checkerboarding without 4k textures will not be equal to their checkerboarding and native resolution with 4k textures. This is going to be the real talk. Will the graphics difference be enough to justify the hype and price. Games like God of War, Detroit, Grand Turismo and Spiderman will be the real test for the Xb1x. For Sony the problem is that most of these games don’t have a real release date and which means that they aren’t even promised for 2018 and Microsoft is counting on this. 

Overall, if you are going to have two systems it would be the ps4 Pro and Xb1x. If you are going to have One system, it would be the most powerful in my opinion, the Xb1x. At the end of day the console that can produce “clearly” better third party games will get the attention over 3-4 exclusive differences. If you don’t believe me, go ask Microsoft’s original Xbox one with tones of exclusive but they couldn’t out duel the ps4 in third party games.