Sennheiser MTW Battery drain fix discovered?

Possibly the most universally agreed upon earphones on the planet for over a year now is the Sennheiser’s mtw. More people have agreed that this unit has the best sound overall of any other earphone(within my top three at least for me). Nobody in the right respected minds could ever bring up hate against these for sound quality. The funny thing that happened was that the earphone world moved on away from these fairly quickly. For starters their launch was marred with application failure left to right. People could barely connect to the app which was needed to take full advantage of the unit. Then the phone quality was horrible and unusable. And finally the biggest issue, battery life and drainage problems. Now granted you will still never get 11 hours total out of the total use with the case power as promised, this is mainly because they could not deliver on the promised 4 hours..topping off at 3.5 hours per charge. However, the more unforgiving issue was with the drainage. If you charged the unit fully and put them inside your Bang for 2-3 days you stand the risk of having zero power left in the unit. The case continues to discharge power even when the headphones had reached their total power recharge. So this basically guaranteed that you wouldn’t reach that very low hour usage of 11 hours. For some like me this was not acceptable. For others charging their unit every night or simply leaving it on as charger all the time became their life. Even when countless number of people begged Sennheiser to fix this they didn’t. Well this guy below just might have found the solution. Granted I haven’t tried this myself but it seems very plausible to me and requires nothing more than a $8 magnetic USB C adaptor pin. Hope this helps someone!!!

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