Playstation leaves fans in the cold with lies on pre-orders.

As I have said for weeks, Xbox series X is my choice. So I’m not coming from a stand point of a fan that couldn’t get what they wanted from PlayStation. I am however unbaised and have friends that were effected by the lack of organization and lies Playstation were apart of. PlayStation, the king of misdirection and lies has struck again. While many people believe PlayStation to be a video game machine that is above reproach, this is far from the truth. The truth is Sony is just like any other company, they are concern with the bottom line numbers and how they can spin their name to create hype. As I have said before, bad new and good news exist for both Microsoft and PlayStation for the next gen consoles. This seesaw of events, with only a month and few weeks left til launch, isn’t over. Even now, PlayStation still can’t seem to keep their word. Already we have lies about how the need to push ps5 only titles is the only direction needed and that Microsoft suffers in graphics because they keep putting developers in position to program for both last gen and next gen. Now we get news that both Spiderman and the new Horizon game are being produced for both last gen and current gen. And yet we hear crickets now about any issues when PlayStation does the same thing and lies about it.

You can preorder a controller but no console on playstations own site

Then we have the ps5 pre-order fall out. Everything from sending out invitations to only people that spend the most money or have the higher gamer scores to telling people orders start as early as the next day when in fact they went on order within minutes or hours after the conference. One by one all ability to preorder the ps5 died out for many gamers who believed that PlayStation and waited. This was so unorganized and embarrassing for a company to have no correct info and on top of that only mentioned that pre-order date in a twit and gave nothing about it on the event.

Spealing of twitter, even Microsoft took to twitter reassuring their fans that they will not have to go through what Sony allowed to happen, already hearing about the unorganized mess Sony allowed from vendors and improperly managed on their end. There just has been a level of proper info giving by Microsoft this whole next gen build up, from their system reveal, price, features, to availability. Are they without flaws? No they messed up too in areas but they seem to be so much more prepared for for more things than PlayStation. Playstation said that they wouldn’t just spring the pre-orders on their fans …leaving them out in the cold and yet this is exactly what they did. And the funny part is that they never even opened up the ability to preorder directly from their own site. But this story should not be anything that shocks you. Playstation has always gotten away with doing things that other companies are crusified for and this continues today. It’s a shame that people just allow them to do what they want while they drink the coolaid.

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