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The most innovative, powerful and best immersive gaming combination in history! 

What you have here is the best combination in gaming history. This combination is a beast. Not only do we have the Turtle beach stealth 700, the first ever truly wireless headset ever made for Xbox(no dungles or base stations), but you have the best gaming controller ever made in history, and to top things off you have the most powerful, most innovative console in history. There has never been something more perfect to come together like this combo. I am a bless man to be able to afford such a combination and am very thankful. 

The level of immersion that this system combination creates is something that you have to experience to believe. I had no idea the difference Atmos sound makes with the 4k beauty of the Xbox one X. And then to tie it together, you have this amazing controller that allows the smooth transition to be in sync with your experience. From Sports to Fighting and Adventure all things are taken to a different level. Believe me when I tell you this console combo is a dream come true. Don’t let lies or hate stop you from buying these treasures. And then to ultimately make things more convincing, don’t mess around and drop a 4k movie in and mix it with those Atmos compatible headphones. Wherever you are, you won’t be there anymore in your head. You will be with that movie and in that movie. It’s just a unbeatable thing to experience with the package. 


Xbox one X reviews grow! 

The Xbox one X is really having the time of their lives on the reviews on the net. It has grown from a 4.4 to 4.7 and now today they have gone to overall rating of 4.8 on the web. This system is kicking butt and taking names. Reviews coming in from all over the place. 

Microsoft has done their job in my opinion and have laid the foundation of a great future with them. The way things look now Microsoft could end up sticking with this same format for the next xbox one X2. I personally don’t see why not. Playstations view is to abandon their current players and make developers start over for yet another platform with separate exclusives. Microsoft looks to position themselves in the format that delivers on more power without the need to have yet another format. This makes more sense because the difference in graphics will not be great enough to justify another format for most people. People are just now getting 4k tvs. So whatever the format,  it’s not going to do more than 4k. So why change formats and force people to buy if they don’t need. With Microsoft every game that works on the Xbox one will work with Xbox one x. So the next system being more powerful won’t require a different format or force people to buy agsin. But I’m sure Sony will convince fanboys that them being is abandoned is some how good, just like my article showed prior to this when the media said that Sony not having any Exclusives in 2015 was “genius”. For me Microsoft looks to make me very happy and I plan on riding with them as my console of choice as I’ve wanted for some time. For you, you will have to decide for yourself. Even if you do like Sony exclusives, the X makes an excellent second console. 

Journalists quotes prove hate and biased writing against Microsoft. 

These are all the quotes that have made to favor Sony down through the years from the Journalist that shape fanboys ignorance. This was tweeted recently by Henrique and I had to post my thoughts about it. You know these things are happening but you just don’t know the extent until it’s gathered. I mean if you truly can look at this and claim that the gaming world isn’t  baised and hypocritical in their views against Microsoft, then you are truly sick in the head. It doesn’t matter which console you like, you can, at the very least, admit the unfair push of backward statements approved by the media for Sony but then twisted against Microsoft when they accomplish the same things. If that’s not enough… Try this….. 

OMG, come on! This guy even tries to spin the lack the games as genius for Sony. But all you hear from people,  because they have been programed by the media to say it, is that Microsoft has no games. Microsoft has plenty of the games that matter and that rule, it’s called 3rd party games and they sell better than exclusives as a whole and are better now on one platform, the Xbox One X! It’s a true joke to see the levels that most people go to to help themselves sleep better at night. I am honest about all things concerning gaming and if Microsoft messes up, I will report it as most of you have seen. If sony messes up I will do the same thing. Even though I prefer Microsofts xbox platform, this doesn’t mean they get a free pass or that I make up lies against Sony. I yearn for the day that we write true and honest thoughts about gaming. But I’m sure that day will never happen. 

Xbox one x standard vs Project Scorpio failure rates? 

First off, this is not a smearing effort. This is my own experience and others. It seems like those of you that got a project Scorpio edition might be in a higher failure ratio than the standard editions. Does this mean that all Scorpio edition units will have problems? Not at all. Microsoft did too good of a job on this product to have that happen. With that said this doesn’t take away from the fact that I had to have my Scorpio edition replace. My standard edition of Xbox X works like it should. I also notice that the top of my unit is cooler than the Project Scorpio edition was. I don’t know if that had anything to do with its failures or not but it is what it is. At the same time,  I take a little credit away from the standard edition. I will say it’s a little louder than the Scorpio edition in sucking in disc. Could this be because it contains a different type of disc drive? More than likely. But regardless I would rather have a loud sucking in of a disc than a system that shuts off, freezes and runs hotter. Overall, I think the first batch of any product will have some issues and this product is no different. I will continue tune test my exchanged Xbox one X. So far things like promising. 

Turtle beach 700 now with Digitalcrack

Well I guess you had to know that this was going to happen. Once I got a taste of the Stealth series, I had to at least get the 700 to compare. The 600 got a perfect score from me. So now that I have the 700 in possession does it live up to the extra cost? This is a strange situation. It could go two ways. One, maybe the new wow factor is already spent on the 600 and the 700 just doesn’t wow me now. Secondly, the 700 could make me feel like the 600 score needs to be dropped down because I’m exposed to a better product. 

Well right away I can say that these headphones look almost exactly alike. The leather accents and buttons feel help the 700 seem a little more expensive but only slightly. Depending on your preference, leather might not be your thing. The cloth on the 600 is really comfortable in its presentation. So I really can’t say one over the other. I do like both, but for different reasons. I love the soft feeling of the cloth on the 600. I would say they are softer overall because leather is harder. However the fear of that cloth becoming dirty and or torn quickly is a concern. The leather on the ears of the 700 just makes things more premium but it doesn’t come across as better necessarily. While I can clean the leather easily and it would probably last longer, it’s not as cozy as the cloth on the 600, I will admit. The 700 also has one more button and function than the 600. The 700 has the Bluetooth button and has better spacing for the volume buttons. So I would have to give the overall additions of leather and soft plastic on the 700 the nod over the the standard materials on the 600. But this is still not worth the money difference yet. 

But what did make it worth it was when you added the mobile app hub to change settings and control functions of the 700. The Bluetooth option is pretty nice and was something I really didn’t get the need for until it happen. I was into a Forza race when my wife called through to my headset. Answering my cell phone while I playing games and listening to music from Spotify come through the same speakers at the same time and I did not miss a beat. It was like magic. My wife couldn’t hear any music or game sound. She had no idea I was playing and listening to games, listening to music, and listening to her while speaking back to her through my mic was really epic. Then if you hit the noise canceling button you really get a treat. You can really hear yourself and the phone call better. It brings it to the front more. It was the wow moment that really made me feel that theses puppies were justified in price over the 600. But this again, doesn’t mean this will mean that it’s worth the price to you. The 600 is such a good headphone for that price that $50-60 extra might not be not be worth it for Bluetooth, leather, and noise canceling. If all you looking for is a Atomos compatible headset that will submerged you mind in gaming for $100 without wiring, any dungles, or extra equipment to being sound to you then the 600 is yours. I will warn you though mine started making very loud squils over time as I twisting the head phone as the plastic rubbing in the adjustment bars acted like the needed oil. I tried to add Wd40 to it but it still didn’t work. But that’s minor, once you get them adjusted on your head you don’t have to worry about that squiling. But unlike the 700 which holds their adjustment better, the 600 will always have to be adjusted when you put them on. So this could be added to the cost difference as well.

So in light of all this I will have downgrade the 600’s to a 4.5 out of 5 now. The 700 now stand as the best wireless headset on the market with a 5 out of 5 for that price. Next up could be 800….I wonder if I could get Turtlebeach to send them to me?? 


I have some really Sad news guys. First off, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I didn’t give the proper time I really needed for this product before giving it a rating. I really thought that this headset was amazing and a true game changer. It turned out to be a different result as time went by. Even though these headsets are updated with the latest firmware the problems of drops and slowed sound increased like every other day. All the nightmares that you read about on line are true. They just might not show up immediately. Sometimes you can use them and they work perfectly for about 3-4 hours but then all of sudden problems hit out of nowhere. If wasn’t the squiling plastic of the 600, it was the 700’s bad comfort level of the hard faux leather. But the common problem of slow sound and drops just couldn’t be fixed. Once this is fixed this headset could be great. But I fear that it will not recover in people’s opinion even when fixed.  Both headsets with these problems get 2.5 out of 5.

What happens when Xbox one X player goes back to play a Ps4 Pro after weeks with the X??

As some of you know I have had to return my Xbox X Scorpio edition. It just had way too many issues that happened randomly that I just didn’t want to continue to risk. Being that other friends had no problems I was encouraged about the chances of getting one that worked to my standards. Everything from screen freezing to boot up failures,  all kept happening no matter what I did. So during this absence of the X, I broke out my ps4 pro from its closet space. And the experience is as followed.

First off, the simple and obvious. After having the X, seeing the Pro again on my shelf looked way bigger than I remembered. The X is truly a small compact system. So the size difference real stood out more after getting use to the X. That shocked me right away. The second thing was the noise. The ever blowing fan of the playstation pro, while not a huge noise machine, it seemed that way after coming from dead silence. I mean it was like your ears really picked it up almost immediately. Not to say it not something you couldn’t get use to again but it was an immediate change. Then came the interface. Coming from the Xbox interface of information and facts about what’s on TV, how many gamer points you are away from another achievement, and or how many people joined your club, its truly a information hub. Seeing the ps4 pro interface with almost no information on screen but icons(with lower resolution)was a eye opener. Now, I have to search for things through pages or information instead of it being right front of center. If a game demo got released today I would have to know about and search for it. With the X, it will show me the demo on my home page as new info I might want to know. But that the obvious stuff, what about the not so obvious stuff ?

Graphics!!! That’s what this is about right? And what I can say is that the resolution bump and performance  seen on the X is now missed. I never knew just how much more clarity existed on the X over the Pro until I went back to Gran Turismo and other games. I thought GT was the greatest looking race game on the planet when I played it. I heard that they added new features that I thought put this game out front as the best of the best, but I was wrong. Trust me, no matter what you are seeing on the Pro there is a difference on the X. The draw distance is so much more blurry than anything on Forza that I found myself trying to refocus because my eyes were use to the X’s resolution. I could have sworn Gran Turismo was clearer than this. But this is what happens. You get something truly better and you mind and eyes get use to being spoiled. And when you take that away and try to return to something weaker you see things different. Games like Madden 18 which FPS moves horrible compared to the X just couldn’t be played by me anymore on top of seeing the lack in  texture and color pallette that created a different experience for me. Honestly I can’t see how anybody that has both could stand going backwards. 

Look, as a Playstation owner, could you be happy with your system not seeing or should I say not getting use to the X? Yes, you could. The Pro is a very great system. But don’t buy the X or play the X for a while and try and return back to the Pro. It will not make you happy seeing the difference. The difference will be much more evident if you ever allow yourself to get use to the X. And for X users. It will be really easy to take this system for granted. Once you get use to the wow and the graphics, you might find yourself forgetting just how much better it is. I did that myself. Because I have two systems I assumed after a while, that maybe I was just jaded over the the newness and swore my ps4 pro was just as good in graphics. It wasn’t. It was a scary wake up call and reminder that the X truly is the Monster.  Can’t wait to get my exchanged console back tomorrow. The ps4 pro just isn’t going to cut it for me. 

30fps is the new confirmed number for PUBG on Xbox one X!

Wow, more armor holes for Xbox one X. At first the reports were going crazy that PUBG would in fact be 60fps on the Xbox one X. Now we find out that, at least right now, that this is not true. That the mighty Xbox one X is only managing 30fps. Now this is 30fps across all xbox formats. So this doesn’t make sense to me. If the Xbox one standard can do 30fps why on earth couldn’t the Xbox one X do more? Things just don’t seem right when you think about the power. It seems lately that Microsoft’s X momentum is starting already to slow. If it’s not hardware problems, its software crashes or games that don’t work in the typical Xbox X power umbrella. I hope this doesn’t grow into a big trend. Even I have some things to report soon on my experience once I have my system exchanged for failures. It’s going to be interesting returning back to the ps4 pro for a small time period and playing the same games I have been playing on the X for weeks. Coming soon folks, coming soon. 

Xbox one Scorpio packing up. 

Such is life guys. The Xbox one X is being packed up tonight and taking back to Microsoft. As with all xbox units launches I have had, the first one is always a issue. I had to return my Xbox one S in exchange for another one, and had to do the same with the Xbox 360. Well, today I had to pack up the Xbox one X. The system has way too many problems with powering off and locked out screes with sound still running. Yes, I have done all the removal of profiles, power cycling the system, restarting over, changing cords, and removal of any external HDs, restored back to factory settings. Nothing worked. Other people I know personally don’t have  problems out of theirs and that is great to hear. So I will have to do a exchange of mine for a none Project Scorpio X. I will be headed to Microsoft to exchange and hope for the best. I considered keeping it because I hadn’t had problems for two days and then I prayed for clarity as tomorrow will be the only time I will have a chance to exchange it as I will be in Nashville only then. And as God does, he answered in grand style. In less than 5 minutes after praying about my decision to keep or return, the screen lock up with only sound playing. I turned it off and tried to restart it and it turned on and then turned off by itself(again). So the trend of first xbox failure and exchange continues. It must go back! Until I get it back home the ps4 pro is being used. I will have a revisited thoughts article soon on that. It should be interesting coming back to the Pro after weeks with the Scorpio.Stay tuned. 

Microsoft to invest 100 Billion in gaming. 

I have always said that Microsoft was the sleeping giant that you didn’t want to wake. Years of teasing by Sony. Media,  and their fanboys are all to be thanked for this. As a fan I say thank you Sony and all the haters. You have done just enough to piss off Microsoft. They already have the X. They have already devoted 1 billion for developers on first party studios, and now they have raised that stake. President and lead of Microsoft,  Nadella, has confirmed that Microsofts stock is shooting through the roof since the Xbox one X. So they have confirmed that they are moving to devote $100 Billion into gaming. Not 100 million. 100 billion! This is not even their software Windows assets or anything else in networking that they are profiting on. This is strictly Gaming folks! The giant is awake and no other company has this kind of investment push in gaming let alone even has 100 billion to give for their whole company. This is why you don’t piss off giants. They are about to dominate gaming and there isn’t anything anyone can do about it. Remember this day guys. The day Microsoft decided they are no longer going to be 2nd place.

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