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The Cloned Pepyakka 2.0 experiment continues. 

So my experiment continues today. I took the Cloned Pepyakka to work today to test out the possibility of the use vs the Fidget Cube. Today was all the Pepyakka. Tomorrow will be about the Fidget cube. We will have to determine a winner for the fans after that. It will not be easy as both have served me very well for fidgeting. One important fact that stood out today was that the Cloned CKF Pep needed to be cleaned and blew out. Yes, I dropped it like a million times on the ground and desk but it survived. I have very little signs of a drop or damage to the unit. But what I did notice was that the bearings weren’t as perfectly balance as the original shown on youtube. So, you guys already know what I did. I had to clean the bearings in hopes of making a better and smoother operation. Another side note I noticed before I cleaned the unit was that the spin times dropped drastically. At first, I was getting 3 minutes spin times and now I’m not getting 1.5 x’s the spin. So, you guys know I went through with the cleaning. As fate would have it, it didn’t work. Once I cleaned it with the 90% alcohol I used canned air to blow out and dry out the bearing. This, I thought, was going to restore things to what they needed to be. It didn’t. I made the once whisper spinning of the ball bearings turn into the noise of metal scraping across metal. The noise was very loud and very bothersome.

So I took it upon myself to do something I was told not to do by others, and that was to oil my bearings. I was willing to sacrifice the spins times for smoother and quieter operations. Did it work? Why yes it did. It’s smoother than the day I first opened it up. I can’t express just how great that smoothness is. It’s something you have to experience yourself. It’s basically like spinning on butter without any real noise of the bearings. But this still doesn’t bring me any closer to crowning the overall champ. To be fair I think I will need more time into the spinner before I can truly judge it being that it’s much better than it was before. I will say that it feels like more of a conversational piece than the Fidget cube. It’s more adult than kids for spinners strangely. I think the Fidget cube makes people look at you prematurely in the wrong way vs the Spinners. I don’t know why either. Maybe it’s the build quality. The spinners look more like an adult gadget vs the plastic look of the Fidget cube. This may even end up the deciding factor when the experience is over, who knows? What I do know is that I like it and will certainly be keeping both items. Which one I carry on a regular basis? This remains a mystery.



PC gaming complications will always put console first for me.


PC gaming is supposed to be the top of all gaming. Yes, with the right rig you can do many good things. However, once you consider your lifespan with the operation of this PC verse consoles you get a different picture in mind. You start to wonder if you can take the headaches that come with the PC’s possible instability when updates to the graphics card, operating system, or drivers hit. These things change things for your PC and sometimes not for the best. It can take your PC from a fast fluid machine to a slow stumbling piece of mess. Then you have to deal with the fact that a game that you have had for years that work perfectly all of sudden not working right because the makers are designing things for a video card that just hit the self that your system doesn’t have. This is something you never have to worry about with the console generation. Your old game will work just like it did when it first came out barring any technical issues, but even those are worked out. I truly started to exchange my PC for a more powerful system in hopes of avoiding issues but now I see it doesn’t matter. I will never be able to avoid those issues as long as PC is my main source for gaming. Don’t get me wrong I love the fact that I have this command center in my game room. It’s needed and helpful. So I don’t think that this in any way, was a dumb choice. So far things have been going well for my experiment. Things look great and I can see how people fall in love with their PC, especially if this is the only source of gaming they have. I just don’t understand the amount of money it takes to get a PC nor the problems it creates to keep your games running that you already own, even without ever buying new games. Now I don’t know all this by experience but my friends that do play PC games have been completely honest with me about my journey. They were the ones warning me about the issues I will face playing on PC. Most of them already have rigs that are better than mine and cost way more than mine. And yet they constantly have to upgrade to keep their system running right. I don’t want to go through this for years and years. I’ve made the mistake of thinking that if I get enough hardware that how it runs now should be how it runs next year as long as I properly take care of the software and hardware. I know this now to be untrue based on what I’m told and seen of others. Its a shame but it’s what you sign up for if you choose to make the PC the source of your games.

Xbox Scorpio will be a “wait and see” system.


Project Scorpio will need some serious help this year it seems. Most are reporting that the system will need more time to have the properly developed games they need to show off the hardware. While this is nothing new with any new hardware, this seems more hurtful for someone like Microsoft. Microsoft needs to set itself apart and needs to make a statement. That statement can’t be “wait”, it needs to be “now” in terms of readiness to deliver the goods. Every moment wasted gives their competition more time to develop a counter. Microsoft needs time on the market to dominate. They need a good 2 years of being the absolute best on the market to have a proper shot of making a go of it. Sony right now is in the best position right now. They have all the games and developers backing them. They also have the mindshare of the gamers as a whole worldwide. Something Microsoft has not had since the Xbox 360. One good thing did develop out of this. We now have a confirmation on the e3 event. It will include the Xbox Scorpio. Unlike previous statements by Microsoft that stated that they weren’t sure if they would show up at e3 with the Scorpio, this time they seem to be making the right choice. So we at least now know that the Scorpio information will be seen and possibly even some demos to show off the power. But with the news pointing out that we might have to wait for another year before we start to see games come out is a real concern. I know most don’t want to think this will happen but I think it will. This is what I have been talking about for a while now. The lack of game announcements lines up perfectly with this news. Microsoft doesn’t have games for this year. It basically sucks to high kingdom. With the Scorpio due out this year( Holiday season) then we know it won’t have games that support it properly.  Will games work on it? Yes, but they won’t be something that uses the true power of the console. This will most likely put them on the same page as the Ps4 pro checkerboarding. Don’t get me wrong, I think they will have at the very least Forza Motorsport for this system but that’s about it. So, basically at the end of the year, might as well be 2018. This year seems to be moving straight towards the directions of all the rumors. 2018-2019 will have to be the time we will see the true potential of the Scorpio system. That’s basically almost 2 years down the road before you see the fruits of the labor for the console. This isn’t good for Microsoft because what you have waited on is the announcement of yet another Playstation console that will have the power greater than the Scorpio but with games, the fans and developers numbers to back it. As always, I’m hoping that Phil kills it at e3 and I can go out and put my money down on this system because it will have the games needed to properly support such a release. But at the sametime, I am prepared to hear what I believe will come, disappointment in what matters the most, games.

The Clone CKF Pepyakka 2.0 clone!

Well I got another spinner. This time it’s the CKF Pepyakka 2.0 clone. I say clone because the orginal one isn’t made anymore. In fact the only way to get the original design is by clone of buying it off someone for about $700-$900 even though the design went for $200 when they were available. So knowing these options I went with the cloned version. 

Mine, instead of being titanium is aluminum. It’s a much littler weight being aluminum but it is still less durible as well, if dropped on the ground.  Mine also came straight black and silver. The original was black, silver, and blue. So I decided to paint the blue on the circles just like the original design. 

Mine also doesn’t have the CKF logo on the button with the trinium glow in the dark values.  But I would still say overall I don’t think I did a bad Job at at least coming in close. 

Now what I am very proud of is the spin times. I can get 3 1/2 minutes of spin time on this clone. This is incredible for a spinner, clone or otherwise! This is mostly due to the ceramic baring it houses. On the orginal version they have this as well but the barings are completely sealed. Mine are seen and open to clean and maintain, which is a positive thing I believe. So far it’s been fun but I’m not yet ready to call this a replacement for my fidget cube. Will need more time with this item before I can truly say. What I can say right now is that it’s better than the torque bar. It feels so amazingly balanced because it’s a tri spinner over a dual spinner. The three arms gives it more balance and stability upon its spins. Due to this I don’t have to think or focus near as hard as I did with the torque bar to keep it in my hands during spinning. As a result, the small yet very relaxing vibrations the barings create actually give off this euphoric feeling. It’s sounds strange, I know but it’s hard to really put it into words unless you have one. I will say this as well, if the CKF Pepyakka 2.0 maker started up again I would pay the $200 to get it. It’s worth it to me. Until then the Clones will have to do. 

MLB 17 not having a Ps4 Pro patch is pure stupid on Sony’s part!

show17The Show 17 is a masterpiece of work. Sony’s masterpiece has nailed baseball at its finest.Year after year they show out for the Show. The gameplay is some of the best in sport video games. Their reign at the top is without challenge and sometimes these things come back and bite people in the back. As of right now,  there is no word on the possible 4k patch for the MLB 17. I don’t know if Sony is holding this back as a last-minute surprise or not. Maybe they are and just don’t want to make the Playstation owners without the 4k ability mad. But regardless of their reasonings, it seems very stupid to abandon this 1st party chance at a showcase for the Pro system to really stand out and show why it should be purchased by the Playstation nation.


Right now all we have is a confirmation that the graphics for the standard system have been increased. This is very well needed and smart of them to do this year. But to allow this year to go by without implementing a 4k patch for the pro to help push the attention to the system is stupid. I know some will say it’s not needed but they are wrong. How can you push your Pro system but not support this through your own first party studio? If this was Microsoft, they wouldn’t stop talking about how pathetic Microsoft is by not supporting their system they just told people to get. How can Sony expect developers to work on the support if they themselves don’t support the need to push it? Yes, I know not everyone wants the Pro system, but I do and I’m not alone. I see the differences and I love it. But as I said when it first came out; Sony needs to get behind the push for the patches for the games to justify the need of bringing out another console. At this time they are not doing this. Why? I have no earthly idea.

Halo Wars 2 will not help Microsoft.


The Microsoft drought continues. Yet another exclusive wasted for 2017. After losing their Dragon game, Scalebound, exclusives were already going to be tight going into E3. Well, today they just got more bad news. The franchise Halo’s game will only sell in minimal numbers. Now, this might not surprise anyone that plays on console but Strategy games don’t do very well historically on consoles. Could this game do well on PC? You bet! Strategy games are big for PC users. This could be a big win for them on that platform. The reason why this shouldn’t matter because the bottom line picture is surrounded by one word, Scorpio. Without real games that bring attention to the format Scorpio will be just another hardware on the shelf. I have preached on this subject for months now because it is a real issue. We are almost 3 months into the new year without one word of new exclusives to be delivered by Microsoft. This means, as time goes by, that there is a smaller and smaller chance of Microsoft having anything this year for Scorpio other than what we already own today plus maybe a Forza. Personally, I think this is what they will open up with to use to help sell the Scorpio. But Forza will not be enough to make people and developers focus on Scorpio over the Ps4 Pro. If I was Microsoft I would open up my entire library of games on the PC to the Scorpio and this will help sustain the system’s sell and drive into more exclusive content and or games can be released for the Xbox with Scorpio patches attached to them. But I’m just a gamer.What do I know, right? As a game, I can guarantee that this system fails without something more than Forza, Crackdown, and Cuphead leading the way for exciting games for your platform. Microsoft has to find a way to impress with games before they lose out on a grand opportunity.

Here is my PC and I Name it …..


Well, the build and the modifications that I needed to make to it is complete. I love the look and the overall feel of everything. I went through quite a lot of changes and disassembling to come up with what I finally have. I’ve added monitors and modified my desk and relocated things to fit my room better. I worked for days on my setup and it’s still not fully perfect yet. I have some cable management to do that I have left alone for now until I get my next desk that I’m looking into. Once I have that desk I will redo my cable management.


Meet CLUEEEE!!! I felt that this was a fitting name for a such a PC build and light show that I have. Clue’s directive was the same for me it seems. To build the perfect system, well within a certain budget that is. I think we got this done. And much like Clue he and I can only act with the knowledge that we have during its creation. We will take on many faces and colors throughout this journey. Hope you guys enjoy the creation. Probably gone too far to be talking about taking things back. As it stands now I have two monitors now instead of one and they are matching Asus 144hz. I also destroyed my corner desk and modified it to a straight desk, all while adding a Corsair Mouse and extended pad. It’s coming together like it’s creating itself. It’s hard work but hopefully, it creates a balance.


PC experiment continues!

Well the experiment continues with the gaming room and the PC. Today another blessing came my way allowing me to add a 2nd monitor to the set. When I did however I notice that my L shaped desk didn’t do this set up any favors. It bothered the OCD inside me. It bothered to the point that the desk had to be modified and taken apart to produce what I needed. This desk, one long desk with no curves! In doing so I had to remove all sorts of wired management that I did and unhook every single wire and power cord I had. I emptied the desk completely and started over from scratch.


As you can see I think I did a pretty good job of modifying that desk that was a L shaped, to a desk that was rectangle.  Now the two monitors can be used properly and efficiently to my liking. If you wondering about the two monitors, they are Asus 144hz 1ms 24inch monitors. They both look pretty good sitting next to each other right now but I know that they can look better with a dual Monitor stand. So that will be next on my list of things to do. Finally, I will have to get a desk with more room but this modification will hold me over til that day comes. So, I guess one could say that the PC experiment has worked out so far. I still don’t see myself going completely PC gaming over console at this point. But maybe as I get older and play less games the more the computer will be needed for me.

The bigger monitor doesn’t always get the worm!



Well we learn and learn and learn. It never stops doesn’t it? Sometimes it’s something assumed and other times it something taught or spoken by others that leads us to the wrong conclusion. I have been beating myself up about this new PC. Trying to understand why others love the graphics while I didn’t find anything really exciting about it. Yes I knew that I was dealing with a different beast with the Ps4 pro and the upcoming Scorpio. But something still didn’t set right with me. I felt like I was missing something and I was. Thanks to the power of Youtube I was able to listen to a fellow Tech geek discuss the reason why you should not go for 27 inches when dealing with 1080p graphics. The reasoning was simple and already known but I for some reason didn’t remember it until now. If you stretch out a picture without higher pixels then what you get is a picture that is less clearer than a picture that is of the same pixel count but with a smaller footprint. Basically a 24 inch monitor will be clearer and prettier in details than the 27 inch monitor at 1080p because it has no more pixels than the 24 inch monitor, it’s only blown up. This makes crisp images look blurry. This is why I could not be satisfied with the images I was getting with my PC. The monitor was the reason why. I had that 27 inch monitor without anymore pixels than the 24 inch monitors and it was killing my details in the games. So I’m fixing that right now. Luckily a friend of mine with way to much money and time on his hand decided to part ways with 2 of his 5 24 inch monitors for cheaper than what I could buy them for in the store. He even allowed me to take it home and try it out to confirm my thoughts and what I was being told on Youtube. Well, it got confirmed. Graphic took a big jump forward. 

Now the games look like something people on PC claims they were getting and experiencing. Now I can start to see advantages in the PC gaming side. I still need a Display port cable for my setup to make sure I get the maximum power out of the monitor because of as of right now I only have it hooked to HDMI. Once I get the display port cable I should be able to hit well higher than 60hz for my gaming. Already though, the colors are popping and the clean look and details are very pleasing. Now for those of you that think that they have to have a 27 inch monitor, they suggest you get something that is no less than 2k resolutions and up to 4k resolution. Stay away from 1080p graphics on the monitor at 27 inches.

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