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iPhone 7 plus vs Samsung S8 or others. 

Every year since smartphones became a reality with the first IPhone, comparisons have been done over and over. It’s fun, I guess..for most. For others it’s become a never ending theme that can get really numb at times. The latest flag ship phones included the consistent top dog of the pack, the IPhone vs the second most consistent challenger, a Samsung. For years these two companies have been at each other’s crown over and over again more than any other two companies. At one time it became really sad to see just how bad and purposefully Samsung pushed to rip off Apple. After a couple of years of this they finally created their own direction. Now we can count on Samsung to create something exciting and unique for themselves without having apple to do it first and then they copy. But even with this the difference of the two phones really still blur. I mean, how many times will you use gimmick features to the point that they truly make a difference(this counts for both apple and Samsung). No matter what phone you have they aren’t that different no matter how many times they try and push that thought to the consumers. If we are honest with ourselves, you aren’t going to do anything different on this phone or the other. For the most part, you are going to use the same apps, same background, and call/text/or email the same person. The only true difference comes really in the aesthetics of the phone. So basically you are going to spend $400-$800 just so the phone you have to look different while you do the exact same thing you were just doing a year ago over and over again. If you stop and think about this, it really is silly if you look truly at that fact. This is the trap we all fall too in pretty much all types of products. From cars, to video game console, you could apply this flaw to. With the apple iPhone and the new Samsung s8 the only true point of interest is the Samsung Screen. That extended screen is really beautiful compared to all other phones on the market, right now. But just like all things, this will become the norm very quickly. But for the most part once one goes to purchasing this new Samsung all they are going to do is load all their stuff they just had on their old phone. And outside from a few gimmicks the phone is going to act and be used the same way the previous one did. Now I know there are some cases where the phone is so old that it’s unusable or its damaged from drops and it’s time for a new phone. I can totally understand a person getting another phone. But if you just got the latest and greatest last year and it’s still works and it’s the shatter to pieces I see no reason or purpose to get yet another phone to do the exact same thing I’m doing right now. For others, you might be different and you have the right to be that way.  I guess I’m beginning to look at things a little different the older I get. 

iPhone 7 plus still smokes the competition of Samsung and others. 

When it matters, Play on Xbox!

Ps5 Vs Xbox Scorpio is a mute point, here’s why!

Well, we are back into the swing of things again. The Sony camp, needing some kind of excitement is being pulled in every direction by the thought of a new system. A system that they believe will somehow be better than the Scorpio system. A system that they can say the words “teraflops” and put some kinda magical number in front of it like Microsoft did, so they can sleep better at night. Reports are going up everywhere about the possible system announcements of the new Ps5 without even weighing the realness of this statement. 

Let’s cut right to the chase here. Microsoft’s Scorpio isn’t just a system that has 12 teraflops. Without a shadow of a doubt the system’s architect is beyond anything seen today. The way they went about designing this system was not seen or understood until today. Not even Digital foundry guys saw this coming in this way. Even they were blown away with the ingenuity of the design and all that has been custom made for this system. This isn’t done overnight nor in one year. Microsoft has been working on a answer to PS4 since the effect of the Xbox one launch was felt from the DRM. 

If Sony pushes out a system next year that is equal to or better they are rushing that system to the makert. PS4 pro is a great example of rushed equipment and its effect on people that don’t see value in such things. It still hasn’t been accepted by the core PS4 players. Microsoft on the other hand with their Xbox one S is a very well made and thought out system and they have reaped the benefits from it’s launch. 

Sony being in a unique position, can easily muddy up the water from their end. Their fans that have bought the system and have paved the way for them to be on top aren’t ready for another system. In fact the only reason why any person is pushing for another Sony system is because they can’t stand for Microsoft to be better than the Sony. It has nothing to do with them not enjoying their ps4’s or their amazing game lineup. It is solely based on their mental needs for being able to say “we are more powerful”. Problem is, only a handful of the core people even care about that stuff. Most of the core people play on Sony machines because of the games, not the hardware. So none of this stuff will make them move one way or another. 

The biggest issue that connects all the camps together is the fact that each system is being done for their fans not the other. In other words, Microsoft isn’t building the Scorpio for the PS4 fans. They are building a system design for Xbox players. Likewise, Sony’s possible hardware isn’t for the Xbox players, it’s for their core player market. So it doesn’t matter what Microsoft does for their fans or Sony for theirs. People aren’t jumping ship just because of resolution hype or teraflop hype. For the most part now, after all this stuff has gone down since the original launches of the consoles, people are pretty set in their camps and lines have been drawn. So it’s impossible for Scorpio to effect Sony’s camps and vise versa. Gamers aren’t going anywhere unless the company forces them to leave by doing something stupid. But I don’t see that happening with Microsoft again nor with Sony again. 

The Defenders Are coming to Netflix!!! Way to Go Netflix!!


The Dark Tower trailer…Epic 

Tissot Watch get reviewed by Digitalcrack. 

The Tissot brand has been in the Watch business for over 100 years. Since 1853 to be exact. Watches cost anywhere from 300-$6000 in some cases and they are still well sought after. Brands like the mighty Omega and Tissot are partners in the Watch making business and are listed under the Swatch company umbrella. This particular Watch would be considered a mid range Watch in price as it lists for $650. I got this one for about $400 On Amazon. It comes with a 2 year warranty but buying from Amazon and the store “Perfect Timing” gets you an additional 6 months of warranty. 

As you can tell the Watch comes very professional. The box itself looks fantastic and matches the sure quality the Watch deserves to be in. Tissot makes it their business to prompt in NBA , IFE , Moto Gp , and even NASCAR. They are a very Well known brand because of this. You probably have seen their image watching a NBA game easily. They also are the official time keeper of the Tour de France so you know speed is important to them. 

I am very impressed with the feel and overal functions of the movement and looks of this Watch. It just screams take me home and or put me on doesn’t it? I’m so impressed with this brand I know for sure I will buy again from them. So if you are looking for a very good Swiss made beast of the Watch and you aren’t ready for spend 3-6 thousand on a Tag or others, this is the Watch and brand for you. Digitalcrack’s scores this easily 9:5 out 10. The only draw back is that is not Automatic and the band has to be cut to your size wrist. 

Tissot comes to Digitalcrack 

Why I love gaming again!

For some time now I have fought the issues of giving up on gaming. It has happened 3 times in the last 5 years. This last time it was so great that I actually just built a pc and focused on using a Pc. Well using a pc didn’t spark my interest either and then I thought I was trouble. I knew one day I would stop playing games but I really wasn’t ready to stop now but I just didn’t feel that connection with gaming anymore. So I recently picked back up my Xbox one S because my son has one and he wanted to play against me on separate consoles. While I have had both the Xbox one s and PS4 pro I never play both at the same time. For the last 5 months I have been playing the PS4 pro only since its release. But something happened when I started to play the Xbox one S again. After about 2 days of random plays I started to feel that fever. The connection to the controller, which is the best in the world, kicked in first. The ability to have that “all in one” system for the 4k movies/gaming when my wife and I had date night kicked in. That effortless connection masterpieces for online with the addition of clubs and beam have opened up another world for me. And then it hit me. What was the common denominator on every single past event when I wanted to stop playing games? It was when I was using my PS4 system. And every single time I found that love again it was because of the Xbox systems. The sure amount of features all the way from gaming to tv features shows, even the faster download speeds feature added recently shows a much more complete the Xbox eco system vs the PlayStation is. 

This system and its vision from Phil Spencer is what I need for gaming to continue in my life at least. So I really hope they knock it out the park at E3 for the game side of things. They really need something in place that shows dominance in both third party graphics as well as first party.  And I trust in Phil to deliver this. Yes, I know PlayStation has the most dominate numbers in console sells and has the most exclusive titles this year and maybe even next year. But what I have notice is that I don’t take advantage of those games when I play a PlayStation console exclusively. Take MLB 17, I couldn’t wait for that game to come out and once it did I played like 3 games since it’s release. I hoped it would be the spark I needed, thinking my problem was with gaming all together. My thoughts was based on the fact that I love sport games and I just knew that this would put me back into gaming. It didn’t! In fact I watched more games on tv than I played MLB which is totally not a common thing for me. So all the exclusives in the world won’t help me if I never play them. Nor would any third party game be played any where the amount that it would played on my Xbox if I continued it on the PS4. 

So now that I have found my love for gaming return and now I understand why it left all the times prior I now know where I belong in gaming. This may be different for others and I wouldn’t dare tell you to feel the same but Xbox is where I belong and that’s a great feeling when you know what works and doesn’t work for your life and taste. Having a system and group of people and leaders like Microsoft has in gaming is what works for me. Seeing my sons face when he can log on to his own console and play any game I have on mine console in a different room, play online on his console or with me under one gold subscription, connection to play 4k movies, streaming clubs, amazing layout interface, super fast download speeds, stable network and security, a controller that last more than 3 hours, hdr and 4k with Netflix, Vudu 4k download options, oneguide, upconvertrd 4k tv channels, amazing gaming achievements options and finally the knowledge that the most advanced and most powerful console ever made is just around the corner ready for everything I have now to just flow to it is just almost too good to believe it took this long to figure out. It was never gaming that I was loosing interest in,  it was the console and eco system. 

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