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Playstation will counter the Scorpio sting with Games!


Before the fanboys of Microsoft come out to scream their chats, let’s remember a huge fact that is waiting in the wind, Playstation has the games and numbers. This is huge if you ask me if this system is about Microsoft coming back. Personally, I think a grave mistake would be to look at this system as a way to make up numbers and finally come back and win the console wars. Let’s be clear here, it won’t! Microsoft isn’t going to make up the deficit simply by producing another system. Even if Microsoft does everything completely right, Playstation still has to either mess up big time or not evolve for the next 3-4 years for Microsoft to have any real shot of coming back from the worldwide spanking that they have received for the last couple of years from Sony.  But for foreseeable future, all I see coming is the lineup for Sony…

  1. Last of us
  2. God of war
  3. Death Stranded 
  4. Detroit
  5. Grand Turismo
  6. Wipeout 
  7. Spiderman
  8. etc…etc.

The U.S isn’t enough for Microsoft to come back from this. The worldwide global areas are needed for them to conquer before they can have a shot at coming back. But if Microsoft just wants to denominate with this system as a stand-alone system by itself, this is easier than to pit this up as a added on hardware to help them catch up to Sony worldwide Playstation 4 reign. Honestly, though, it’s not going to matter what they say, truth be told. Fanboys will take it this way no matter what they say. Playstation fans will hold on to the overall numbers and Xbox fans will look only at the Xbox S and the Scorpio or the Scorpio by itself vs the Pro. But if Microsoft delivers on the games, not just the hardware, then this may be a point that is less talked about overall until Sony responds back with another system launch to counter the specs of the Scorpio.

The Scorpio gains more traction!


Well, this is the day that everybody has been waiting on, well sorta. We gained more information on the holy grail of the console world, the Scorpio. Microsoft has done something that is truly different this time and has gone about it differently this time around. This go-around they invited Digital Foundry, a site that is mostly known for its connection with the Playstation side of things in Europe. Basically, Microsoft delivered on all that they promised on this console. Digital foundry was lost for words and was blown away. This is a great thing being that they are so well respected for their insight on games and the way things should work and how it doesn’t work. They were given a chance to ask a question and get answers that seem to be even over their vision and knowledge. They basically repeated over and over again how Microsoft impressed them with their vision and direction on how they created this system. They even gave their own guess about the price being a $499 at launch. This is a little high but justified being that everything that Microsoft promised is real. It has the 6 teraflops and the 12gb of gddr5 memory. They mentioned also that the system will have Directx hardware on the board itself, something that nobody thought about prior and yet its something that makes all the sense in the world to speed up Compute processes. But then what about games you say?


Introducing Forza placed on the Scorpio console! This beast runs 60hz at native 4k with easily with 35% of the GPU still free to do anything else it needs to kill it more. Microsoft says the system will turn current games that are already on the Xbox ecosystem at Native 4k, not upscaled. This part is little questionable for me but I will refrain from judgment until E3. But regardless of this, you have to at least admit this looks super amazing. Can the system do this to all games is the question? If so, nobody is going to have a problem with dropping their money down for this, at least I know I won’t.  But with all this power what about the cooling of this system?


Microsoft thought of this too. They seem to have developed a hardware that will keep this system that runs so powerful and fast, very cool. Even Digital foundry was impressed about this and had no doubt that this would work based on what they saw and understood. So I don’t think people have to worry about another red ring of death ever happening again for Microsoft. Overall, while some expected a little more, I think without spoiling e3, Microsoft delivered on what was needed at this time. They only needed to make sure that the hype stayed with the Scorpio while they proved what they said was real. They didn’t want to loose a lot of momentum going into the E3 event. Again, I just hope Forza is just one of a few more titles we are going to see on the Scorpio for launch at least. I’ve officially hyped up again so I guess they did their job.

Thursday is set, Microsoft says they are ready!


Thursday could be the day that most will ask the question, where were you at when Microsoft revealed the details on the New system. There is so much that could be said tomorrow and most will surround the one thing that will be left out, the price. According to reports, no prices will be revealed tomorrow but that Microsoft plans on this to be revealed at E3.  So being that this reveal is being done by the site Digital foundry, it looks like this will be more like a spec talk than anything else. I am hoping games will be talked about but again that might be something better left for the E3 event. But I still hold out hopes for it to be done tomorrow. Some are reporting that prepurchasing might become available tomorrow as well. Although I doubt that because no prices are said to be revealed. Already I can see the hate and venom already from the Playstation side of things. I’m sure someone will find the event boring or lackluster. Most will claim that they are lying about something and will continue to believe whatever makes them feel better at night. Me I’m going to take a site like Digitalfoundry and count it at their word being that they are normally a Playstation pusher. One good thing Microsoft has said is that tomorrow will have some surprises. Well to me that means either the hardware we were told is even better or there are some games that we didn’t know where cooking that might make it out. Who knows, maybe both! Either way, tomorrow will be a good day for Microsoft supporters out there and a grim day for the Playstation fanboys out there who will be dealing with the fact that their own supported site is being used to prompt the upcoming competition to their loving system. Now, the only thing left for Microsoft and Digitalfoundry to do is tell everybody where to tune in for this event. I assume we just have to log onto their Digitalfoundry site tomorrow morning for the reveal. It would be easier if it was a video event online like youtube and or Twitch. Hopefully, Microsoft made it available on their on consoles like they normally do. So, as I countdown the hours I can only hope and trust in Phil to deliver the goods. And by “goods” I mean delivering on information that makes me feel like I have a game library to look forward to and not just horsepower for the sake of 4k wording with Cuphead leading the way in the games. If the system is better than we thought then that’s fine but I need a game library that can take advantage of the hardware, especially with the drought that is expected to happen the current line up of poorly hyped titles we know of today.

The best and last Keyboard/Mouse I will ever need?

Having a PC is not only about getting the right CPU or Graphic’s card. It’s also about the peripherals. The right mouse and keyboard are very important to your connection to the things you are doing. Playing games, graphic design, and or just simply writing on paper or blog becomes either a headache or a task you look forward to doing thanks to the equipment. Luckily this is me. I love this keyboard and mouse by Logitech. I’m not really sure why more and more people aren’t as crazy about these as I am. The Mouse is a pure joy to scroll and move around thanks to weight that it lets you design and the amazing free flowing scroll wheel custom design. For me, there is really nothing better than this mouse for me. Using this mouse for whatever you choose just feels right. Surfing the net now becomes surfing on butter. If feels so amazing to scroll through pages that it feels like you riding the perfect wave. I have never felt a better experience.





Then we follow that up with the most amazing typing experience I have every had. I introduce to you The (fixed) G910 Orion by Logitech! I have tried the other keyboards like the Corsair’s 70 and 65’s. While they felt really good for gaming it wasn’t as rich for just typing like this keyboard was. This is all thanks to the new exclusive Romer G switches built into this thing. The travel on these switches are so soft and so, so fast. They register faster than any switch on the market on any keyboard available to date. At first, I wanted the sound feedback of cherry blue switches but that died away after a bit and I got into the more quicker and quieter switches.


Well, this keyboard meets those needs much faster than any keyboard, period. And as far as lighting goes, you are in for a treat. The font and lighting brightness on this thing is second to none as well. My previous keyboard by Corsair offered custom design switch lighting and all but the software was so over complicated and the fonts had nothing on these. The software for this keyboard is more streamlined and easier to follow. The look and feel of the keys they redid from their first attempt are so beautiful this time through. Their first attempt was too concaved. It basically prevented in fluid motion in typing and was more for video games only.


The newest design was back to the basics without losing anything that was really good about the first design, as you see in the first picture of the article. Now we have fast typing for writing and quick typing responses for gaming. This should be the lead that every designer of keyboard takes in the future. I’m not going to plug in one keyboard for gaming and another for the writing of articles and emails. And maybe people were so burnt by the first design that they didn’t even give them another shot at making up for this. I guess you can say that’s fair but I’m here to tell you from the standpoint of a guy that sees this for what it is, its a one of kind pure joy to have this thing as my keyboard. As long as I have a PC this will be my choice for switches and may even be the last keyboard I will ever need.


My Custom Pc is finished. 

Well, the time has come that I promised. I have completed my custom build with the help of my friend of course. There was just only so much that I could do myself for the first time. I know, I know, I should have done it all for myself but I didn’t want to be mess up this build because I was so close to just giving up on it and buying the PC back. I know that if I experience too much pushback that I would give up on it and run out and purchased the PC again that I took back. Is it just as colorful as the other one? No, of course not. But I personally didn’t need all that stuff. I just needed to be able to create, play and multitask on my computer. 

With this PC-Build, I have exactly what I wanted. And if I wanted to play games on it I can and it looks just as good as it did with the $1000 build. In fact, the only thing I’m missing for the Previous build was 8gb of ram to equal 16gb. So I ordered that ram stick which will be here Monday and it will be even more a foregone conclusion. I might add some other fans on that are a little quieter on this build but that’s about it. I don’t plan on overclocking this PC so I shouldn’t need to do a water cool system. Most importantly, I saved the money that I felt so bad about spending on such a system that I wasn’t going to really play video games on, thanks to my Ps4 pro and my Samsung KS-8000. So my AMD 8350 with a 970 4gb video card and 16gb of memory should hold me tightly for the next couple of years at least. Even more so if I never want to play games on it in the future. Now, I have to deal with all the issues that come with PC’s. The crashes, the failed downloads, the corrupt files, and the viruses. This is the part that I don’t look forward to seeing or dealing with. This is why I prefer the Console over the PC nations.


Just added two new fans with blue led lights that are more silent than the default ones with the case.

MLB The show 17 comes out swinging on the PS4 Pro(just don’t use the 4k option)!

So what happens when you take one of the best Sports game franchises in the world and fix its issues with frame rates and boost its graphics? Well you probably the best sport game ever made if Sony could have fixed the bugs and network failure upon launch. Adding HDR and resolution boost option to the Show was something very well hid by Sony. Everyone who owned a PS4 pro wanted information on this. As far as most were concern there would be none because Sony never announced it. Then just days before launch they announce it. It was like they were trying their best to keep this a secret and boy was it did it feel like a weight lifted off my shoulders when I saw they did in fact have higher specs for the Pro. Once I got this downloaded early, thanks to Sony’s preorder digital options, I was ready to play the moment the counter ended. I love this feature and think this is one that make things so much more easer than trying to download the game at the same time every other person is trying. In fact this was the first baseball download I have done with Sony that didn’t get messed up. Every year prior downloading MLB it would be a corrupt download or it wa just hang for days before finishing. So I had high hopes that the network might be ready this time. It wasn’t. As soon as the game started the network was down so any hopes of playing online was gone as well as any network feature you normally get. Luckily for me I don’t like playing online but seeing those errors just reminded me how bad Sony’s network issue still are. 

So after quickly moving on from the errors. I wanted to see these 4k graphics with HDR and went to the settings bypassing everything else to set it to 4k and turned up the HDR.  So I started a game and I immediately saw two things. One, the HDR intensity seems to only over kill the brightness levels. It doesn’t make things richer the blacks/pop the light reflections like it suppose to. So turning it up isn’t a good idea guys. The next thing I notice was the most painful. The 4k resolution was horribly done. Why? Basically they gave 4k but at 30 frames a second(probably under 30 fps at times if I’m honest). I mean it’s really, really bad. Horrible movement for the sake of saying I have 4k isn’t worth two dead mouse feet. What were Sony thinking. I know they could have done better than this. So that’s when I took things from 4k to enhanced graphics with higher frame rates. This was were the sweet spot was. The graphics immediately looked better and ran better. I assume with the boost mode already doing its job putting it at enhanced graphics really upscales it close to 4k anyway but at least brings fps at 45. And if you really wanted to push things to the butter zone you could let the boost mode handle everything and just set it on frame rate. You’ll get that 60 fps that this game franchise has needed forever. Trust me, you have never seen this game run better with this mode. As far as the rock solid gameplay, it’s the same as it has always been. They have done a great job at fixing some of the issues people had with stealing and some other over used cheat things for bunts. Basically they tightened up things making things better in every department. I’m sure Sony will fix the network soon but really with this many years behind this, people shouldn’t have to wait. Overall, this game mixed with the PS4 pro and my AMAZING 4k HDR KS8000 Samsung tv creates a beauty that smiles like an Angel back at you. My set up is pure sickness and this game further shows it off. So for the score….easily 9.5 out 10

CKF Pepyakka 2.0 thoughts. 

Well it’s been a joy to finally own this spinner. Will this be my last spinner? Probably not! If it is my last spinner I can say this is by far the best I’ve seen to date. The titanium build of this product is a compete solid piece for what I can tell. This unit has nothing loose on it. It’s so strong and yet so smooth. The movement is like butter, as you would expect. It’s the balance of perfect weight and strength that really stands out. 

It’s barings are ceramic ACH bearings, rated among the best bearing sets you can have. And while mine was one of the few that he made that wasn’t balanced I had to weight to the barings broke in and some initial cleaning before getting 2:30 spin times. This is pretty good for me. It’s not going to get 4/5 minutes but I’m fine with this. 

Now, because of this addition to my fidget life I have two great Fidget tools. I still haven’t found out which I like more still to date. I thought I would have figured this out by now but I haven’t.  I will say that I play with this spinner more than the cube but this could be because it’s newer. So I’m not sure of anything right now. 

In turning the page on all that I have used in Fidgets tools this stands out in the dark, literally. Anton Malyshev work is so magical. From knives to spinners it’s all masterpieces. And it’s been a sure blessings to be among the few to have been in the right place and right time to grab one of these. For those of you who wants one unfortunately you might be out of luck as it is discontinued but there is always eBay if you are willing to pay $500-$800. 

Digitalcrack’s unboxing of the Real CKF Pepyakka 2.0!

The very best Fidget Spinner… period is on its way!!

Hands down the most coveted spinner I have ever seen is the CKF Pepyakka 2.0. There is no spinner that is as loved as this one. The Maker located in Russia makes them based on preorders alone for $190-$220. In fact if you don’t own a pre -order now you probably won’t get one as it is a discontinued item now. CKF says the maker may make more but right now you can only get them on EBay if the owner decide to sell theirs. If you do get it on EBay be prepared. The whopping bids on these spinners sell for $800-$900 for the real ones(not the Clones I ordered before). The owners of the real ones know that this is a rare item with limited availability. They are even numbered.

The amazing details put into this spinner is art and machinery at its finest. Titanium with tritium valves insert at the tip just screams hard work and log hours making this Spinner. So I can understand that there will be a limit supply. This is and will be probably the only spinner that can finally take the spot of my Fidget Cube. But I will have to wait and see once it gets here. It’s going to take weeks, I’m told, because it shipping from Germany to the USA. If it comes early then fine but I’m not going to make myself go crazy hoping for this spinner anytime soon. The big part is over. I successfully order one and now I wait. Within minutes of my completing my order the unit had sold out. I don’t know if they only had one and just so happened to log in at the right time or they only had a handful and they went that quick. Regardless, I am so excited ! I can’t wait to show you guys this. 

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