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EDC flashlight Battery hype.

Of all the things that I expected to happen when I got into flashlights, battery hype was not one of them. If you are new to the flashlight world, or torches for those who are, you would not get far unless you had a good battery. 18650 batteries are the common use batteries for powerful flashlights. These batteries have enough power to handle the lumens. So you would think, a 18650 battery, is a 18650 battery. But you would be wrong. Amps play a big part in this world of battery power. Depending on the light, you could end up with a underperformed light lumens if the light requires more amps than your chosen 18650 battery brand can produce.

Just because it is a 18650 battery, doesn’t mean it’s ideal for the light you have. And just because it has high mAH’s doesn’t mean it’s more powerful output that a lower mAH’s. But it does mean longer output of juice. So there is a trade off in whatever choice you make. The biggest talked about battery is from Sony. The vtc5 is one of the most talked about 18650 because it has 30Amps. And 30amps should be enough to make any difference the light you have stand out above all other battery loads. So where do you get these wonderful batteries? More the likely you would need to go to Amazon but be mindful on the tons and tons of fakes out there.


Why we EDC!!

You know.. the more time goes bye, the more I see validation for my EDC habits. Every other day there is something that altered by my EDC for that day. I don’t care if it’s something as simple as finding a quarter in my backpack in the middle of a movie theater. I find myself being more and more thankful for the objects I carry.. for “just in case” reasons. And just like always you find someone in your circle that tries to belittle the items you care as if it’s stupid or useless. In most cases, sooner or later those same people need your help with something that requires the very same thing they made fun of. For me, just today, I was saved from a situation thst could have ended up badly for me. But thanks to God and my latest tool I decided to use on my way out, and danger was averted. Thanks to God and the tool he placed in my position I was able to see a very heavy and poisonous looking spider that awaited by my garbage outside. The same garbage that I was going to be taking to the street for pick up. But thankfuly God put it on my heart to take my light outside and use on different areas which led me to use it around my garbage can, which exposed what was sitting there within a very large web. I wouldn’t have ever saw that spider if it wasn’t for God and the tool he has blessed me with, my new torch… The SC600w Mark IV, I could have been in a bad situation right now.

But this is why we carry these items. This is why they are so respected and sought after. Sooner or later you find yourself in a situation that validates every step you have taking towards the right equipment and the surety of that equipment, no matter how many people question the purpose of said equipment. At the end of the day, life doesn’t wait on you to return home and get things later, when you should have had it prior. Building up the right habits with the right tools, and assuring that those items are always present, could mean the difference between death and life in any giving situation.

The Sc600 Mark IV overview

ThruNite TN12 has retired all my other lights.

I know, I know, I know. This light and incredible upcoming company has already been talked about. At first Surefire, Nitecore, and Fenix were the only top brands most talked about. Sure you had the Olights, Eagletac, and Klarus but they didn’t as many followers as the top three brands. So, for a brand called ThruNite to step up and interrupt the order of Torches in the market is something to be recognized.

And for this brand to step up into my life and become the default EDC carry is mind blowing. Outside from my Leatherman, it has become irreplaceable in such a short time it scares me. I was so sure that Nitecore was the best for me, that it really threw me a curveball when the tail switch failed and this light moved right into its place and outperformed the Nitecore in almost every category. 1100 lumens( 220 meters of throw) with a. 4 firefly mode on a absolutely beautiful beam formation already put it into a category by itself. Then once you add the amazing option to have Neutral White tint instead of the standard cool white tint, you absolutely create a different breed of that stands out amoungst the sheep. Lastly, the most simplistic thing the ThruNite did was work. Every time I pushed the buttons for power of mode it worked 100% of time no matter how I pushed them or how fast or slow I pushed them. It doesn’t have a lot of trickery or complexity in its operation and therefore reduces the margin of errors where malfunctions takes place. This, unfortunately exist in far too many flashlights out there in the world. Too many modes, too many functions, too many interfaces. So thankfully, ThruNite decided to create things like this and keeps this very reliable and powerful. So thank you ThruNite.

Thrunite TN12 vs the Pack

Xbox E3…what they really said.


Halo trailer…Let the world celebrate right? PAUSE.. The trailer was simply about the “Engine”. This was not the game folks! And being that this was just the engine, you have showed me nothing that I didn’t already know….”Another Halo is going to come out some time in the future” . I stress Some Time in the future. This could be 3 years from now. Why? Because there was absolutely not GAMEPLAY. This was a empty attempt to spark hype. If they had been smarter they would have saved this trailer for the end of the conference instead of that horrible game Cyberpunk. More on that later.

Next up is the stupidest praise of all. The third party games praise. Do you fanboys know what “World Premiere” means? Basically, it means that this is not exclusive game!!! It means this same trailer will be played for the Playstation format as well. This doesn’t show off Microsofts hard work at making games and yet the crowd acted like this was something strictly for Microsoft. It’s not. So now that we have crossed at that possible outcome, what we have left is nothing more than we have right now.. A system that talks more about third party games than actually having something worth it in exclusives.

So what does your most powerful console in the world push in exclusives then?? Battletoads and “Gears Pop”!!!!!!!! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!!!!! And then worst yet… You drop the Mic on Cyberpunk 2077???? A third party game?? I would have played Gears or even put Halo’s “Engine demo”at the end, but never a third party game. That’s the big moment you wasted peoples time in at the end of the conference for??? This is got to be some kind of joke right?? All this raw power and every single game either looks just like the others with this cartoon based graphic set they keep producing or its some stupid kiddy game because they are focused on causal fans instead of the core fans. The only thing Tha supports core fans are third party developers because Microsoft has no clue on how to do it themselves. Microsoft is a flat out joke and it’s a pure laughable experience when you see IGN and any other person out there acting like Microsoft delivered on something. They didn’t. They only thing they gave me was the truth about the waste of money people put into their xbox one x which is already about to be replaced in least than a year on the market. They are already talking about the next system on the same day they have discounted the price. So combine that with the fact that none of the studios they bought have games ready means that you won’t see anything worth time or consideration until the next system comes out and might not even see Halo until then. So, thanks Microsoft.. You really confirmed that there is absolutely no reason to own an Xbox now. What a waste!!!

E3 2018 Christmas approaches!

The best time of the year is upon us gamers! E3 is here. Every year this event hits, gamers get a little more information on their chosen format. I Absolutely adore gaming more now that ever before. Wait, I should say I absolutely adore “Playstation gaming”. Let’s face it, Microsoft is complete garbage and have destroyed their core fans with their baby games and stupid choices. I believe their E3 is up today and yet it’s the first E3 from Microsoft that I am not interested in seeing. I just frankly don’t want to hear about all the so called new studios their hired for games that aren’t going to be ready for 3 years. And then when they are, it going to more of the same games like Ori, sea of thieves, and boring Crackdown. These types of games give no excitment to me when you compare games like Spiderman, Days gone, Detroit, Last of us, and many more. Playstation knows how to create epic AAA games that matter.

So while Microsoft waste money on studios that already make exclusives for their format, Sony already owns and creates miracles. Even now Detroit.. become human, is one of the very best games I have ever played. And I only have it because someone with Playstation had the vision to sign it for exclusives. In fact, I would purchased a Playstation just for this game if I already didn’t own one. This is how big this game is to me. Every single time I look up l, I’m amazed about something that went on in my story but not my friends. Great single player experience is so needed and is something Microsoft has forgotten.

When the smoke clears, great single player games will always wow the core gamer the most. It is a vital part of gaming, just like multi player games. Playstation thankfully has both on lock down now. Their network is even reliable now, which is bad news for Microsoft. I can’t tell you the last time I was disappointed about outages. It’s been a while and this is great work on Sony behalf(its about time).

Next years games are going to be great for playstation yet again but even this year isn’t over. Great games like Spiderman is still coming. This is yet another game that I would have purchased a playstation for just to play. Games like this are what defines a gaming company. For Microsoft, games like Cuphead are theirs. So really, there isn’t much left to say about it. If you want baby games, I’m sure Microsoft has you covered. If you want games like Spiderman, Detroit, Death Strading, Ghost of tsushima, MLB and others Playstation is the Only Place to find all of it under one roof…Playstation!

P10gt surprising me and fails.

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