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Thanks for the Idol worship you seem to always bring gamer’s way PlayStation

It’s truly a shame that we can’t keep false gods and worship out of games. Look, if you choose to believe in Yahweh or not, that’s your choice. Me personally, Christ is my path to Yahweh. Others can take whatever path they wish. But I am truly fed up with issues with The gaming industry and especially the exclusives pushed by PlayStation. Every time I look up, a form of worship, an act of abomination, or even forced prayer is placed on the player of the game for their character. This is not right! It should be a choice if it’s in the game but you shouldn’t be forced to pray to a Idol or false god to save your game or to move on the the next level of the game. I refuse to compromise myself and my belief for a freaking video game. Yes this game looks amazing and looked like something I would want to play but thank God I saw it played today to find out that prayer and worship is mandatory. Every single time I try and look at PlayStation, they push out something like this that makes me pull back. And it seems like a simple request to me, just be neutral. That’s all I am asking. You don’t have to put Christ in a game and in fact I would rather they don’t anyway. And even if it’s a story line that has false gods in it, it shouldn’t require mandatory worship acts. You can claim all day long that it’s innocent and just a game. It isn’t, especially for us that truly follow Christ… It’s not fun and playful to have false worship of any kind, game or not. I don’t see why it just can’t be neutral nor why it’s always PlayStation’s push more than any other gaming company that leads gamers to do this.

5 Seconds to change your life. (Life focus entry)

Why are people acting like EA, Valve,and PUBG possible buy out by Microsoft is a shock?

Let’s see here, Microsoft, One the richest companies in the world, says they done with playing around in gaming. That they are taking a hard look into investments in gaming. Then they produce the best and most powerful console on the market, the Xbox one X. Getting that out of way, they push all assets to the focus of software. So…what are their assets you could ask. Well, just so you really understand this, try more than 700 billion. That’s right, not 70 million, not 70 billion. No, more than 700 billion dollars. So yes Microsoft could buy Sony, EA, or any other company in the world but Google probably. So all the haters and disbelief in the ability of Microsoft to do this needs to shut their month and know the sure worth and power Microsoft has garnered. Now personally, do I believe the stories today? Not really, but it’s not because I don’t believe they can’t do it. It’s more or less the fact that Phil Spencer doesn’t have the balls to do it. This guy cares too much about the industry to do this. He knows this would really hurt PlayStation and gaming if you took EA from them. And even if this does happen I doubt Phil would remove the games from Sony. He wouldn’t buy EA just to make it completely exclusive. If they buy it it’s to make new games exclusives in the future but not to remove the ones people already play from future entries like Madden or FIFA. Phil just isn’t that guy that has the will to do that. Plus EA is there to make profit and you don’t do that by removing possibly 70 million possible buyers. So Sony fanboys, you can relax and call off the death threats that we all know will happen whenever you guys don’t get your way. No, if this happens it will be just like Minecraft. They will continue to be on as many platforms as possible. Now what could happen realistically is that this could be the platform to spring their vision of a Microsoft service that would be open to all formats like they talked about just a month ago. A software app that would allow you to play anywhere. This would make more sense than anything else if they do buy EA or any other big developer. Overall, I would take away from this that Microsoft isn’t playing around. As this steam role ship picks up more speed be prepared. It’s Microsofts time to shine folks. I did warn you about this years ago. When you piss off the sleeping giant and they are tired of playing around, things like this can happen.

Leatherman Signal gets a leg up for my EDC.


Well, this multi-tool thing just got serious folks! My Wife has granted the Signal as her favorite EDC Multi-tool today! But this was not the only thing that happened. Leatherman decided to upgrade their lineups. Now, I’m not sure when and where this happened but to my knowledge, this was recent. I don’t ever remember seeing a Leatherman Wave PLUS on their site when I was trying to make up my mind on the multi-tool I would carry. If I did I would have never brought the standard Wave that I had.


If you haven’t heard yourself. The best selling and most popular multi-tool in the world have been upgraded with the replaceable cutters now. This, along with the Leatherman Charge Plus. So, ironically this placed a huge role in this entry and title. Because the line up has been upgraded, I have returned my Surge and Wave. I just couldn’t keep something that just got discontinued nor make decisions on things if I haven’t seen the best they have to offer. So since both tools were within their stages of returns I decided to return them and reevaluate things in light of the new cutters prices. In the meantime, I have been enjoying my Signal a bit more since my adjustment to the Ferro rod rattle noise.


I will say that one thing my wife pointed out to me that I was not thinking about before was the overall size factor with the ability to just clip or slide the unit in the pocket. Can you buy a pocket clip for the Surge or Wave? Sure. But with the Signal you already have it and because of the size it actually makes sense and doesn’t feel like you stuck an electric screwdriver into the side of your pants. It’s just a skinner tool and design that disappears into your pocket with the clip or attaches to the bag or purse without any weight felt. If I am honest, the #1 reason I use the sheath is for the Ferro rod. With the Signal, I always have this no matter if I use the Sheath or not. I also already have the replaceable Cutters Pliers, a hammer, and sharpener. This was something that led to me purchasing the Surge in the first place and now I have that in one tool. So now you can start to see the rise of this multi-tool. Now this, by no means, equals to perfection. It’s still missing the Scissors and this is a big thing for me and the main reason why I can’t set here and tell you that the Signal will be it for me even though it is that for my wife.  Yes, I love the fact that we have the exact same tool. It’s really cute to know and see her with her’s while I’m using mine. But the fact is that the scissors hunt me. For this reason alone, I know I will be getting another tool that has them. But for right now the Leatherman Signal is starting to gain mad’s respect from me because I have made it stop rattling for one and secondly, my wife is happy( or visa-versa:)) So until I make up my mind on the new additions to Leatherman, I will just continue to use the Signal as my only EDC tool. My suggestions for everyone else that hasn’t gotten a Multi-tool, is still to get the Wave…I mean the Wave PLUS with the replaceable Cutters. Will I get it? Not sure yet. time will tell. For now, the Signal remains the Carry option for me and my Wife.

Leatherman Signal rattling fixed!!

Dragon ball Z fighterz… Xbox one X Enhanced!!!

Let’s get this out of the way. Xbox one X enhancements for games are absolutely amazing. I can’t believe just how dominate these versions are. 2018 will only continue this trend and those of you out there better get prepared for it. This game coming through this consoles Hdr and enhancements really show the worth of the console yet again. With every game (that is actually produced to take advantage of the system) released I see more and more things I have never seen in gaming graphics and movement combined.

This game moves like it was created in heaven. It is pure beauty in motion and the colors pop like it’s like its 4D. Games like this really show off the power purpose of the Xbox one X and you can only be grateful for the console if you own it playing this game. Of not, I’m sure the ps4 pro version will be just fine too. It’s Dragonball Z, what else is needed to be said. These fight scenes are some of the very best in action fighting games and now you have it in a authentic video game with the real voices and all. It’s a dragonball made for fans and I love it. I love the even the little things in the game like, like the music and the amazing backgrounds stages. Trust me when I say that you have never seen anything like this. The screen shots do no justice whatsoever. You absolutely have to see this on the Xbox one X to believe the full level of power and perfection. It runs a butter 60fps on top of this. I frankly don’t believe there is no better representation of a cartoon into a video game ever. Way to go, way to go..

Leather Signal…Gimmick or tool?


When I first got this tool a lot was wrong with it. Most of the issues were strictly the issue with the unit and not the whole line of the Signal. If you missed my video the Signal lock up failed on me and came down on my thumb. Luckily it wasn’t anything serious. But when I tested both blades they did the same, test after test. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy. I did the video and condemned it and warned others to stay away from it. Just today I repurchased this item locally in attempts to try and give it a fair shot being that I saw the store demo didn’t have the same issues I had with the one I got from Amazon. Once I had a moment with the unit I quickly found out that the isolated issue might have just been with that single unit in fact. I searched online for anyone else that had this same issue and found none. So I went on testing the unit and found that the unit really was a lot better than I thought originally. Mainly this was the fact that I couldn’t test it without it failing at the lockups but this time I was able to test the unit into an already fluid movement. It moves with the same grace as my month old Wave to my enjoyment.  leatherman-signal

The more I use it, the easier the movement got within minutes, not days like all my other leatherman. This was very refreshing being that the previous Signal that I had was the toughest movement I had ever felt on any tool. It just wouldn’t loosen up, no matter what I did. So having this Signal act completely opposite further explains and gives credit that the one that I had prior was just a defective unit. So once all the fluidness kicked in I finally started to test the features. The first thing was the pliers. I have to say that the pliers are the best of both worlds. It’s not as big as the Surges pliers but they are the same ones that are strong and replaceable if needed. The basically fit right between the size of the Wave and the Surge, but like I said, still as strong as the Surge. That was something I didn’t notice until now and really missed on the first unit because I was still in anger over all the other stuff that didn’t go right. The next thing that I did was finally get a chance to test the hammer/pummel. This was one of the biggest reasons I wanted this tool. I can’t speak for you but I can’t tell you how many times I have needed this kind of tool on me. I always find myself having to look for something to use to hammer things in during my course of the day. So I tried a nail and like it was second nature and butter that nail with through my wall was ease. I thought I might feel the jar or the shock of the tool hitting something but I didn’t feel a thing. It was truly effortless and easy. The other thing I was shocked about was the lack of missed hit strikes. I didn’t feel one off-centered strike on the nail that made me feel that I was going to mess up and hit my hand on the nail instead of the hammer surface. Could you use this to build a house, sure maybe if you had the time and guts, but I wouldn’t ever suggest it. The point of Multi-tools is to give it’s owners something to use during the unexpected times where you don’t have the proper tool and yet need it. This is the case forever single tool on a multi-tool. So when people down Multi-tools because they aren’t as good as the dedicated tool it’s being substituted for, it drives me crazy. That’s not the point of the Multi-tools and if you believe they are for that then you are fooling yourself.


With that said, we finally get to the main focus finally. The selling point that ultimately sold me on the unit. The Ferro rod, whistle, and Sharpener being on a Multi-tool. I think this was amazing for Leatherman to have put these items into a tool. All three item work as advertised. The Ferro rod creates fire as long as you know how to make them, the whistle can come in handy, even if you think it wouldn’t. And finally, the sharpener is genius because having the ability to sharpen your knife on this Multi-tool on the go creates stability and trust in it every time you leave your house with it. Once again, are there better ways to do all of the things the Signal does? Yes, but again replacing a real sharpener stone with oil and different grinds levels or having 4 inch Ferro rods isn’t the purpose of the Signal or any Multi-tool on the market. So as long as you keep this in mind you can see the beauty in this item and its purpose. Does the Signal beat the Wave now that it works? NO. Sorry. The Leatherman Wave is still the best thing going for the price and functions it provides. But I would say, as an EDC tool, its a decent second to it. So a Gimmick it isn’t and a tool is what is left.

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