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Great news for Xbox one X games!!

Well Phil Spencer can turn and celebrate a little earlier than Nov 7th. Why? Because of games. Yes, that’s right, games. The one thing that is most criticized against the Xbox one X is turning into a strength. Now, I’m not talking about just exclusives games either. The 3rd party games are turning into gifts for Microsoft too. Of the last couple of days we have reviews in for Forza, Assisins Creed, Pubg already reviewed, Cuphead(kiddy) and now Shadow of Mordor. 

All these games ratings are averaging 9/10’s across the board. And while some of the games are released on other consoles, the most important fact is that they will look the best on the Xbox one x. This gives them bragging rights for some of the most highest ranks games this year going into the Christmas hoilday. This is huge for Microsoft and it’s the things that they were counting on. Their strategy is working guys. “Be the best looking 3rd party game, and make that 3rd party game an exclusive in the mindshare of gamers”. This is the same direction Sony took ps3 so now it’s Microsoft’s turn. 


Now they say Microsoft is wrong for trying to keep exclusives????

Omg, it’s just pathetic! I’m so tired of people flopping when it comes to Microsoft. Red Dragon reported on this issue while some fanboy responded with their hate. First people got on them for lack of power when they had the best exclusives at thr beginning of this generation. Then when they focused on power, it’s back to lack of exclusives. Then it’s hate because they bought Minecraft studios, so people feared it would become a exclusive and they cried. Sony has tones of exclusives like Street fighter and Spider-Man that have no real reason to be stuck on only one platform. But people cheer in streets about this. Now Microsoft is trying to close a deal to make sure this huge exclusive stays with them because they need better exclusives, and now they are the bad guys because Sony fanboys are scared to look over their shoulders and see the world going crazy over PUBG on PC and Xbox only. Just shut up babies!!!! I’m really sick of this!! Microsoft has been fighting in a ring with one hand tied behind their back for too long while Sony fought with two hands/weapons and declared it fair. The nice guy routine needs to take a back seat and Microsoft needs to take a stance on the right direction. It’s time to fight just like everybody else. They aren’t here to make Sony fanbabies feel better about themselves. Microsoft needs to take the aggressive stance at using their resources to dominate their competition and make their hardcore fans happy. If this means throwing down money and buying up exclusives, just like Sony has done with all the studios they have bought out, then so be it. All this playing nice stuff only breaths weakness when it comes to business. Sony gets to stop open network play while every other platform is for it and everybody cheers them for stopping one of the best ways to bring all gamers together. Sony can refuse EA access because they wanted their people to rent games from them, claiming that EA access doesn’t provide value to their customers without ever asking their customers anything and people cheer. I mean, over and over again, the unfair tactics used by Sony to gain greedy advantages in the gaming market continues to grow while Microsoft lost more and gamers and mindshare playing nice. So play the game Micirosoft, I hope you use the money for your advantages. 

My fuel is running out for gaming again. 

For those of you that know me or those who have been keeping up with the blog,you should remember my confession about the lack of connection that I go through when I have a PlayStation. No matter how great the PlayStation platform is for gaming and exclusives, I always find myself at odds with playing games when I have that system after a couple of months. In the past I couldn’t put mg finger on it. I thought it was because I was getting older and finally tired of gaming. But what I later found out was that it wasn’t the gaming, it was platform. Despite my concerns over anything that Microsoft is doing, I hate PlayStation. I hate what they do to their supporters, hate their double standards, lies, and lack of respect they have for those that made them who they are when they are on top. I hate the laziness they show about making their network better or the OS better and above all I hate their controlling ways to keep gamers away from open network play for all platforms. The only thing I do love about PlayStation is their exclusive. The crazy thing is though, is that once I have the 1st/ 3rd party games I never play the majority of them. That’s right, I buy them and feel disconnected with them. I can’t explain way. Uncharted Legacy was finished by me and I enjoyed it but then I shut down on the rest. I felt as if I was forcing myself to play games rather than enjoying playing them. Even the mighty Grand turismo, I feel no such excitement to play. MLB 18..not one single game played since I got the system again.  4k Witcher 3 is out right now on PlayStation. I turned it on and felt nothing for it. It didn’t interest me the least. It’s really bad because this time this feeling has come just weeks into the PlayStation pro ownership. Before in the past it would takes months. 

I know what I must do. I must return home to Xbox . This is just my format. It adapts to me and what I like. The controller, the OS, the menu layout, the function, and support, and then finally the games just feel better especially getting those achievements. No matter how much sense it makes for me to have both systems or even just have the PlayStation based on the types of games they are going to get. I just can’t shake the feelings of not being on my chosen platform. And I know that if I stay I will eventually stop buying games or playing them. So I must return back to the dark side, as some people claim Microsoft is, so that I can save my gaming sanity.

Realistically, what are we expecting of the Xbox one X?

What is fair in most people minds verys. Some of us have realistic expectation of things and some do not. The Xbox one X will have a lot of unrealistic expectations. Some of expectations are their fault and some of the fault of others. Realistically, the Xbox one X is going into market that is dominated by Sony for consoles. Sony has roughly 30 million more people behind their console than Microsoft and that number is growing. Sony also has one of the best exclusive lineup I have seen in years with yet even more to be announced at their next conference this year. Sony also has the most powerful console on the market right now for $100 cheaper than the soon to be released xbox one x, missing only a 4k player, which some still debate it’s necessity in this digital age. 

Then Xbox one x, by their own doing, has thrown the name of the Xbox one X around with the subject of PC gaming. This is something they had to know would cause a up raising. PC players just can’t imagine giving up those keyboards, mice and monitors. So any threat to their supposed superior belief in the PC is like pointing a gun at them. And this was not helped when  the media started running articles on games that were more stable on the Xbox one X vs Pc. Having problems running correctly is a patch issue. This in no way proves the Xbox one x is more powerful than a PC. At the same time it doesn’t have to be. Take it from someone who owns both. Give me consoles any day of the week. I don’t need issues with sound cards, wrong operating system, memory speed issues, overclock crashed and overheating, video card updates needed and finally the Mega “VIRUS OF DISSTRUCTION”. I just want to sit down in my Game room in front of my 60 inch 4k HDR Samsung beast. Have fun with your keyboards and monitors that can’t do 4k/HDR unless you lay down yet another $1500-$2000 for a 24inch screen after you spend another $700-$1000 building a PC that might play in 4k. Anyway I digress.  

So what are we to think about the Xbox one x? Are we to believe it’s the greatest Game revelation in the history of gaming? Or is it just yet another way to show very little differences while making huge profits on hype? Well, I think the truth in the middle somewhere. While the Xbox one X isn’t the greatest videogame invention of all time, it is still, without a doubt, the most powerful console ever. But this can be said about ever single console that comes out almost. Outside from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are in a power race. So unless they defeat the other in power with a new console, there is no point in coming out. So the title of the most powerful is a ever changing hat passed on over and over again.  Now the fact that the console has power doesn’t guarantee big differences. Yes, there will be games that stand out more than others. But games that already run at native 4k/60fps HDR on the Pro stand little chance at being better on the Xbox one X by any real world attempt to play them unless the developers r put in work on the 4k texture, thanks to the extra memory. If they do this then maybe it will be better, but if not then you are looking at a wash. But my advice is to realistically expect only the same level from these games across the board. Anything more will only disappoint you.  And then when there is a true difference it will only surprise you. 

Now, without fault, the real and only true expectation we should have about the new Xbox one X is that it works. No red rings of death, no loud operations, and no locked up o/s system preventing people from playing online, downloading games, or just flat out turning on. The last thing Microsoft needs is any worldwide issues that stain the already fragile mindshare gains they have racked up in the last couple of months. But it does seem that console have finally found the sweet spot for minimum failure rates. Let’s hope this continues with such a radical new architect. 

Samsung Note 8 Beauty!

I love my set up. I can’t tell you how much I have missed being able to be on the go as fast as I am and with as much power and customization I have with this phone. This thing smokes thanks to the amount of memory and CPU speeds. There is always something to change and make better with Android. Years with Apple has really done me in. Freedom feels amazing.  Even Bixby came to my rescue the other day by identifying a product that had no price tag on it but I needed to know the going cost.  Going into 2 weeks with this thing, I have found no issues with this phone. Even the phone’s battery is enough for me. I don’t run out of juice til around 11:30pm or later, which is plenty of juice. I also especially love the Samsung Rugged Case in Black that I have. It was sold out everywhere in Philadelphia and I only just found it in Memphis as a open box item. It’s so freaking perfect for this phone. And while some might say this as a negative, I consider the added bulky feel and look it provides adds to the awesome looks. I really dig the almost hard leather texture feel it has on the back of the case. 

I think it gives good protection even though I haven’t tried to drop it. It claims to have military grade protection from most drops. I however, would love to see it in action on someone else’s phone, just not mine. Then to boot, this things has a kickstand to help you set up the phone for watching videos. And now that I am on a great network I can really enjoy these things now. I can’t tell you how important it truly makes things. The clarity and the sure speed of use only adds perfectly to the hardware and software of the phone. I literally can’t think of a better phone coming out or currently  out now, that is better than this phone. 

Ultimately the question I ask of myself is what will I miss if I don’t buy into the hype?

We have basically one month left before the monster is released. There is a lot of hype built into this system. The world awaits pure power and games that stand on top of mountain. For me the true question still stands out. If I skip this console, what will I miss out on being that I already have the ps4 pro? 

Well for me and what I like playing the top game for the next two years that I will miss is Forza 7. I know for sure this is my favorite driving game. The amount of tracks, modes, and cars have no better balance than in this game. But The scary reality is for this Xbox one supporter, is that after this…nothing. There is not one single game that I will be missing that I want to play or can play because of my first person shooter limits. And that’s the real problem. I want so bad to be with Microsoft and the Xbox one x but they are just not good enough. I couldn’t believe how simple this decision has really been for months. I just never looked at the simple question about what exactly would I be missing if I didn’t buy the system and kept only my Ps4 pro. 1 game, only one single game will be missed if I don’t spend an extra $500 plus on a system who direction is social gaming and Cuphead type of games. It’s really not a decision and shouldn’t have taking this long for me to see or make the choice. I guess I really wanted a excuse to believe in Microsoft even though I have all the evidence and facts needed to show that it’s not for me. It’s so plain that I wonder how many people that have other options, really stopped to ask themselves this same question. I bet you would be surprised at the answer. It’s already been proven that only a small % of games will ever show real difference if you compare it to the ps4 pro versions. So basically you are buying nothing more than the thought of the title …”The most powerful console in the world”. To really put things into perspective, I just realized that I have every single game I am needing to buy but 2 games for the remainder of the year, already on my ps4 pro. Grand Turismo and Assassins Creed Origins are the only things left. If I went with the Xbox one x I would have repurchase at least 3 titles I have already have and 2 more games afterwards that I would want. And this is after I loose great titles like Spider-Man, Detroit, etc by returning my ps4 pro. Now I know people will say just have both. But $500 is way too much for 1 single game for the next two years. 

Fifa 2018 …more than a game. 

I finally see what Microsoft is doing with their games, and while it’s risky, it might just work. 

Cuphead, the baby game 2D side scroller has kept me at a lost for words. Microsoft basically has zero to offer me for exclusives but Forza 7. For others PUBG will rule the console world this holiday. Mark my words right now! So basically for others Microsoft will be just fine this holiday if you stop and think about the weight of a success like PuBG. They have at least two blockbusters AAA’s and one baby game for this holiday.  

  As it stood for months, I have had a big problem over the fact that Microsoft has vowed to focus on games like Ori and Cuphead for their exclusives. Phil Spencer, who is now VP of gaming, has even more power now to make sure his vision comes to life. He was the one that pushed for this vision of social games exclusives over open world and action/adventure games. This not the direction I wanted  nor any hardcore fan and I for one have not been able to understand this move and direction before this morning.

 It was like a lightbulb moment. For the first time I see what they are doing. It’s a risk but it just might work. So, what does Nitendo do well in? Baby games and cartoon social type gaming. What do they lack? Power, which results in lack of real heavy hitters from being pushed to their system, preventing hardcore fans from going over. 

Then we have Sony, who’s exclusives are action/adventure, sports with MLB, and open world games. They have the power but the one thing they are doing is focusing on duplicates. Third party games already have open world, action and adventure types sowed up. Sony is basically pushing more of what is out there already. Which Microsoft sees as a over saturation.  

Microsoft is trying to do something similar to Nintendo but include the power and at the same time becoming the master of third party games like Sony was. They are focusing on the exclusive genre of games that developers aren’t already saturated in for third party games and allowing the open world and action/adventure to be handled by third party makers, while assuring the power to make it the best version of that game, therefore creating exclusives by default.

Yes, it’s a gamble! Could it pay off? That’s the million dollar question. Personally, I don’t believe they have enough time before Sony reacts to the Xbox one X to matter much. The gamble is that if even one of these areas of risk fails the whole things fails. Yes, right now Microsoft has done it’s job. It finally has the mindshare. Mindshare can make or break the efforts of a company’s product. And kudos to them for turning around the mindshare for their company. Media and even Sony fanboys are starting to finally come around. I’m starting to see more and more Sony owners planning to buy the Xbox one x for third party advantages. And I’m definitely surprised over all the media hype backing on the XOX, especially Digital Foundry. But once the PS5 hits, how long will it be before Microsoft has to do this all over again with yet another “most powerful console ever made”? Very soon afterword, is what I am thinking. So basically, I believe consoles are heading for a 3 year max shelf life before a new one hits the market. This could be good or bad news for us, depending on your point of view. But what is certain is that the rat race is in full effect now and where this leads us is most surely down a rabbit hole. 

Finally a video that shows promise of Xbox one x. Gone are the washed out colors!!

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